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How we got here

As a kid growing up in the Space Coast I spent hours with my dad working in construction. With an eye for perfection and always a hard worker I always looked up to him. Years later I met my wife, we got married, started a family. Eventually we moved into our first home, a fixer upper, built in 1972 but full of growing potential. At that time my wife and I decided it was time to invest in our home. I took everything my dad taught me and put all those skills right into my home. Soon after I finished the house friends and family began asking if I could help them with some of their projects.  Now here we are running a business together. You may wonder what J-tack stands for and its my family, each letter signifies a piece of them. To me having a business is more than a business, it's about creating a foundation for my children's future,  helping others while doing what I love. At J-tack we guarantee that with our services you will never be left unsatisfied. We believe in customer satisfaction, integrity, and getting it done right the first time. 

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